SADD offers a variety of prevention programs to the children, youth, and adults of Livingston Parish. LP SADD also assists schools in the implementation of activities, programs, and events in schools.

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About SADD's Programs

Prevention Programming

Livingston Parish SADD offers school-based prevention education to schools across the parish for students in grades K-12. LP SADD specializes in substance abuse prevention, community education, and youth programs.

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Our Programs

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Research has shown that drug addiction is both preventable and treatable. Addiction is a developmental disorder that often begins in adolescence, but as early as childhood. Addiction can be mitigated by preventing and increasing the age of initiation among youth. A vital component to mitigating experimental use among young people is utilizing effective prevention strategies and evidence-based programs.

Catch My Breath

Catch My Breath is an evidence-based vaping prevention program designed for 5th-12th grade students. The program empowers students with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions about e-cigarettes and resist social pressures to vape.

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Generation Rx

Nearly 51% of people who misuse prescription pain relievers get them from family or friends. LP SADD provides prescription drug education and proper disposal training to students, parents, and the community at large. The mission of the Generation Rx program is to educate the public about the dangers of misusing over the counter and prescription drugs.

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Protecting You, Protecting Me

Protecting You, Protecting Me (PY/PM) is an alcohol use prevention curriculum for children in grades K-5. Lessons reinforce the fact that children's and adolescents' brains are still developing and will respond to alcohol dramatically differently. The program has been nationally recognized as a Model Program by SAMHSA, a division of the U.S. Department of Health.

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Summer Camp

Every summer Livingston Parish SADD hosts a free safety and prevention summer camp for kids in grades 1-5. Trained high school students who are alcohol, tobacco, and drug free teach the research-based program.

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